Egg with Truffles in a Reggiano Parmesan Soup and a Burgos Sausage Topping … 10.5€
Madrid Cocido
Croquettes… 12€
Canary Island Style Potatoes
with Brava Sauce and Whipped Mayonnaise… 10€
Iberian acorn ham with bread and tomato… 26€
Grilled “Zamburiña”
Clams Topped with Caramelized Onion and Cured Ham, dashed with Green Onion Oil… 18€
Burrata Cheese Smoked
over Maple Charcoal, on Tomato Cream with lamb´s lettuce and Wild Strawberries … €19
Traditional Ampurdan Duck and Three Meet
Cannelloni, Sherry braised with Homemade Bechamel… 17.50€
Pan of
Mussels with Onion, Ginger, and White Wine, with a Spicy Touch, over a Bed of Spaghetti … 15.50€
Crispy Pork Ear
over a Leek and Potato Cream, sprinkled with Grated “Tetilla” Cheese, Garlic Sprouts, and Chipotle Chili …. 16€
Tempura Prawn
Samm Wrapped in Lettuce, Filled with Yellow Bell Pepper Mayonnaise, and Celery Confit (two pieces) … 12€
Andalusian Calamari Breaded with Chick Pea Flower… 16€
Mushroom Risotto and Goose Paté over Manchego Cheese… €19
Individual Beef, Vegetable, Wild Mushroom and Egg
Ramen… 11.2€
Potato and Pork Pot, Tartuffe, and Barnyard Egg Cooked at Low Temperature (ready for dipping bread)… 15€
Pure Tex-Mex Style Chicken Fajitas with Guacamole… 16,9€


Smoked “Salmorejo” with Greek Yogurt Ice Cream and Spring Cantabrian Anchovies… 13€
Supper Creamy Potato Salad, made with Tuna, Spicy Green Peppers and Breadsticks, with a topping of “Padron” Pepper Sauce… 16€
Mock Tuna Tartar with Avocado and Lime Cream, with Tomato and Wasabi on the Side… 18€
Portobello Mushrooms, Slowly Roasted in Puerto de Santa María Sherry… 14€
Artichoke Hearts Confit with Vegetarian “Sobrasada” spread… 12.5€
Green Asparagus with Poached Egg, Topped with Dehydrated Black Olives (Prepared before you with Extra Pure Olive Oil)… 15.60€
Pink Tomato Salad with Tuna… 16€


30-Day Aged Charcoal Grilled Basque Beef Steak (one kilo)… 68€
(Fries… 5€, Salad… 5)

Cockerel Chicken, marinated for 24 Hours in Soy Sauce, Ginger, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, etc., Roasted au Jus with Herbs… 19€

Low Temperature Cooked Black Angus Ribs (50 hours) with Korean Sauce and Nuts… 22€

Aged Beef Loin Hamburger with two Cheeses, and our Sebin Sauce … 16€

Traditional Oxtail with Rice and Vegetable Garnish… 24€


Our Famous Jellied Cod Stew… 24.50€

Red Tuna Tartar Prepared as you Like at your Table… 25€

Sea Bass Lightly Marinated with Apple and Pickled Vegetables, Cooked at Low Temperature… 22€

Grilled Baby Calamari on a Cream of Pumpkin Base, with Garlic Shoots and a Touch of Teriaky… 16.5€

Cod Lomako (El Barquero) in Pilpil Sauce… 29€

Fish of the day…?


Homemade Carrot Cake… 6.8€

Cheesecake over a Custard Base… 7€

Chocolate Coolant with Yogurt Ice Cream… 7.5€

Apple Pastry… 7.5€

Puffed Pastry with Whipped Cream and Custard… 7.9€

Pistachio Ice Cream… 7€

Sherbet of Cuban Mojito… 6€